Rock Solid Response Pads for MRI That… Just Work.

lumina series

Reliable, Accurate, and Safe

Lumina is a quality-built patient response system (also called button response unit, or BRU) designed for use in an MRI environment. It meets the requirements of both the clinical and research communities.

For maximum patient safety, the response pads are built with 100% plastic and fiber optics, eliminating all risk to patients and all interference with or from the magnet.

reliable accurate and safe

Key Layouts for Different Applications

Lumina LU400 PAIR LU400-PAIR
The most popular and general purpose model; two buttons per hand.
Lumina LU444 RH LU444-RH
Ergonomic larger pad, allows hand to rest on it. Left hand model also available.
Lumina LU430 3B LU430-3B
Easily used in either hand.
Lumina LU441 THUMB LU441-THUMB
Gaming-like response pad.
Lumina LU442 DIAM LU442-DIAM
Designed for experiments that involve spatial orientation.
Lumina LU440 LINE LU440-LINE
General purpose; also suitable for scales, e.g Likert.

A Rock Solid Controller to Match

Lumina’s sturdy and fast controller captures patients’ button presses and triggers generated by MR scanners, time-stamps with a millisecond accuracy, and converts them into simultaneous serial port and parallel outputs1.

The controller is supported by many software packages and programming languages (see below). Learn more ►

  1. Time-stamped information is output only on the serial port
lumina controller

Trusted By The World’s Best Companies

We take great pride in being the exclusive button response unit (BRU) supplier to the world’s premier suppliers of MRI accessories. There is no greater endorsement or compliment!

lumina companies

Extensive Software Support


  • SuperLabPublished by Cedrus; built-in support
  • E-PrimeBy PST, Inc.; emulates a PST Serial Response Box
  • MEDxBy Medical Numerics; built-in support
  • VSGBy Cambridge Research Systems; built-in support
  • PsyToolkitLinux open source library by Dr. Gijsbert Stoet
  • EyeLink Experiment BuilderBuilt-in support
  • PresentationCedrus provides a plug-in for Presentation
  • InquisitBuilt-in support
  • ParadigmBy By Perception Research Systems Incorporated, Inc.


Cedrus has developed free, open source libraries for:

  • C++
  • Python
  • Matlab

Premium Warranty Available

Lumina systems are covered by a one year standard warranty, but we also offer a premium warranty for more peace mind that includes:

Longer Coverage
Three times longer, to be exact. Your system is covered for a full three years instead of one.
Immediate Replacement
Should your system break down for any reason, Cedrus will send you a replacement unit immediately that you can use until your unit is repaired.