RB Series Support

The RB Series Response Pads

Our customers spoke, we listened.

The current USB-based, RB-x30 models represent the fourth generation of response pads in this series. All the improvements are based on customer feedback. The result is high quality, ergonomic, and practical response pads that are compatible with all major stimulus presentation packages, including:

  • E-Prime
  • Presentation
  • SuperLab

For developers, Cedrus also provides open source libraries for

  • C++
  • Python

See the complete list.

The RB Series models are smart devices. They measure the participant’s reaction time in hardware and provide additional timing facilities for the stimulus presentation program.

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Shipped Complete

Every response pad is shipped with cable, key tops in four different colors, and clear key tops so that you place labels on the keys and have them covered.  They are compatible with all versions of Mac OS and Windows