The Best Is Yet To Come

November 17, 2010

When looking at the scarcity of news releases from Cedrus, some users are left wondering.

Why So Quiet?

Quite simply, we’ve been busy preparing to deliver newsworthy products. Our entire lineup of response devices (Lumina, SV-1, RB Series response pads) is being retooled, taking into consideration your feedback and incorporating new advances in technology.

We’ve also been addressing the number one complaint of SuperLab for Windows users: the licensing system.  We have fixed it by taking charge and writing our own licensing engine instead of relying on a third party tool. We went a step further and provided additional licensing features such as leasing.

Here’s an example: say you purchase 10 licenses. You install 3 on your department’s computers.  With our new licensing system, you can “lease” the 7 unused licenses to students.  When the leases expire, say at the end of the semester, the licenses are automatically returned and become available to you again.

SuperLab 4.5 is currently in beta testing and will be out shortly.


None of what I’ve mentioned in this post can be part of a formal news release. That’s why you should subscribe to this blog.  You will soon be seeing more news releases, and this blog will help us provide interim or additional information.


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