You Are Invited to the SuperLab 5 Private Beta

June 28, 2013

We need you!

SuperLab 5 is ready for its first round of beta testing. I realize that many of you are busy or on summer vacation and may not have the time to put SuperLab 5 through its paces. But it would be very helpful to our developers if you could at least open your existing experiments in SuperLab 5 to make sure that they will continue to work well.


All the new planned features have been implemented. There are only two caveats: the string input feature is not currently working (though you can still open experiments that use that feature), and there are some visual user interface glitches. Plus, of course, whatever issues you might report to us.


The SuperLab 5 private beta is available to all SuperLab 4 users — just ask. This will be followed later by a public beta that can be downloaded.

You can use SuperLab 5 for running experiments. But keep in mind that the beta release expires in two months, and that version 5 experiments cannot be opened in version 4. If you purchased SuperLab after March 4, you will automatically receive a free upgrade when the final version is ready. All others are eligible for an upgrade at a 50% discount.


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