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All StimTracker units include one white light sensor, one black light sensor, audio cable, USB cable, and a universal (100-240V) AC adapter.
2 year warranty • Free tech support • 30-day money back guarantee

Price From: $1,295.00
Price From: $1,295.00

StimTracker Accessories

Light Sensor

Unobtrusively small, 8mm by 20mm, available in black or in white • $39

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EEG Signal Adapter Kit

Only StimTracker Base Model includes a free Kit. Get one for the other models, or an extra one if you have more than one EEG • $125

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Choosing a StimTracker Model

For Output to a Supported EEG Recorder

Select “StimTracker Base Model”. This provides an out-of-the-box solution that can connect to any of the supported EEG/ERP devices.

The base model cannot output to two devices.

For Two Outputs, to EEG + Eye Tracker

Select “StimTracker for ASL”, “StimTracker for SMI”, or “StimTracker for Tobii”. These models have a second connector that provides a dual, simultaneous output

For Output to an Unsupported Device

If you need to build your own cable, select “StimTracker for SMI” and make sure to state on the order that you want an “Unbuilt cable Mini DIN 8 cable”. You will receive a cable where one end can plug into StimTracker but the other end has just wires. You can then attach your own connector.

Note: you could also build your own cable using the DB25 connectors on the base model, but it’s easier to do so using the Mini DIN 8 connector on the “StimTracker for SMI” model. You will also get more signals out of the Mini DIN 8.