SuperLab X5 integrates seamlessly with eye trackers from Tobii Pro. Here are some of the things you can do with it.

Live Integration

With live integration, SuperLab X5 knows in real time where the gaze is on the screen. A stimulus on the screen can automatically become an area of interest (AOI). In turn, AOIs can be treated as a correct response. This opens up a lot of possibilities such as presenting feedback and building gaze contingent experiments.

On the Fly Calibration

When ready to run an experiment, SuperLab X5 can perform an on-the-fly calibration. This provides a seamless experience and minimizes distractions to participants that is caused by going back and forth between the computer running SuperLab and the one running Tobii software.

Eye Tracker Emulator

No eye tracker? no problem. SuperLab X5 understands that the eye tracker hardware may not be always available and automatically offers to let you use the mouse cursor instead. This lets you continue to work on an experiment anytime, anywhere.

Saving Gaze Data

In addition to saving its own behavioral data, the software can also save all the gaze data being streamed in from your Tobii eye tracker. To avoid overloading the CPU and to ensure the accuracy of its own reaction time data, SuperLab X5 runs tasks in parallel by having a separate CPU core work take care of saving the data.

Easy Setup

Cross Platform

SuperLab X5 connects to your Tobii eye tracker using Ethernet. There is no additional hardware needed. The setup is easy: a single button press sends X5 searching for an eye tracker over the TCP/IP network – no need to configure IP addresses.

SuperLab X5 supports Tobii eye trackers on both Mac OS and Windows.

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