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◼︎  Setting Up m-pod

m-pod does not require the installation of a USB driver. It connects to a StimTracker Duo or Quad, an RB-x40 response pad, or Lumina controller via the included cable. 

The cable has a latch that prevents it from coming loose. To release it, you must press the latch release first.

◼︎  Application Support

m-pod does not require explicit application support. It will work as long as the software can communicate with the RB-x40 response pad, StimTracker Duo or Quad, or Lumina 3G.

◼︎  Supported Vendors: EEG, Eye Tracker, NIR, and More

m-pod comes in different sizes and models that are manufacturer-specific:

◼︎  Changing m-pod Options

m-pod provides some powerful options. Cedrus also provides Xidon, a free utility program that lets you configure these options and have them permanently stored in flash memory.

• Other m-pod Options (coming soon)

◼︎  Other Support Documents

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