Support    RB-x40    Using an RB Series Response Pads With Presentation

The information in this document applies to owners of an RB-540, RB-740, RB-840, or RB-844 response pad that want to use it with Presentation.


Cedrus has developed an extension (a “plug-in” DLL) that integrates into Presentation. This extension supports all of Cedrus’ current response devices, including the RB Series response pads, Lumina fMRI response pads, and SV-1 voice key, collectively called XID devices. Once installed, using your response device with Presentation will be seamless.

This plug-in requires Presentation version 14.0 or later; admin privileges might be required to complete the installation. The installation process consists of two steps.

Step 1 – Download and Install Extension DLL

Start by downloading the following package:

          Presentation Extension for Cedrus Response Devices  [440KB]

Once downloaded, run the installer. It will prompt you for the location of the folder where the extension should be installed:

Click on the Next button until the installation is complete.

Step 2: Integrating Extension into Presentation

The following screen snapshots were taken using Presentation version 14.6 (Build 08.31.10) and Windows 7; they may look different on your computer.

Start Presentation.

Navigate to the Extension Manager item in the Tools menu.

A dialog appears. Press the button Select Extension File.

The Open File screen (dialog) appears. Locate the newly installed extension DLL. It is typically installed by default in one of these two locations:

      C:\Program Files\Cedrus XID Response Extension for Presentation\

      C:\Program Files (x86)\Cedrus XID Response Extension for Presentation\

Back in the Extension Manager dialog, look for the edit field labeled “Register As:” and type ‘Cedrus XID’:

Click on the Register Extension button. You should see the following success confirmation:

If registration is not successful, then enable the Don’t register server with Windows checkbox, found at the bottom right of the Extension Manager dialog, and try again. If it still doesn’t work, then you will need to be logged in as Administrator or have admin privileges to complete this step.

In Presentation’s Settings tab, click on the Response section.

Right-click inside the list of devices (shown in blue rectangle). A menu appears.

From the menu, select Re-enumerate devices.

Once the re-enumeration is complete, all Cedrus XID devices that are connected to your computer will appears in the Devices list:

Step 3 – DIP Switch Positions

Make sure that all the switches on the back of the response pad, called DIP switches, are in the down position.

Open Source Extension

And last but not least, the source code for Cedrus’ Presentation extension is open source and available at GitHub.

Last revision: Feb 26, 2016


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