The Lumina 3G Controller

Mighty Power Under the Sleek Hood

Features At a Glance

Up to 10 Keys

Use two response pads simultaneously, with up to five keys each.

Built-In I/O

It’s like getting a free I/O device that can send 8 bits of TTL output.

Sync With Scanner

Compatible with GE, Siemens, and Phillips MRI scanner triggers

Millisecond Timing

Built-in high resolution timer that can be reset in three different ways.

Universal Software Support

USB “keyboard mode” makes your controller work with any software package.

Light Sensor Support

Record precisely the onset of visual stimuli and even have it reset the built-in timer.

Most Compatible

Keyboard Mode

With this feature, your computer thinks that a second USB keyboard is plugged in, allowing the controller to work with any software.

Broad Application Support

A number of software packages know how to communicate directly with the Lumina controller and take advantage of its features:








The commands that the Lumina controller accepts are public. Cedrus publishes and maintains Python and C++ code libraries.

Experiment Builder

Accuracy By Design

The built-in timer in the Lumina controller measures with precision when the participant presses (or releases) a key, then sends time-stamped information to the computer.

Just as important, the timer can be reset in one of three ways: via a command sent over USB, when the light sensor detects the onset of a visual stimulus, or via an external device.

Well Connected

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