The key bridge

to your EEG, eye tracker, NIR, and other research instruments.

How? and Why?

m–pod connects to an RB response pad or Lumina 3G controller. You can then make sense of your data by overlaying on them:

• Participant key responses event markers

• Event markers sent via USB

• Onset of visual stimuli event markers

The m–pod and response pad combination is an excellent value, providing the most sought-after features in StimTracker but for less.

Instantly Compatible

m–pod is a true plug-and-play solution: it is delivered with everything you need to connect to your particular model of EEG, eye tracker, NIR, or other recording instrument.

Available Now

AD Instruments

ANT Neuro



Brain Products actiCHamp





Parallel port


Tobii Spectrum

Coming Soon


Brain Products USB2


If you are a manufacturer and want m–pod support for your equipment, let’s talk.

It’s All in the Family

Researchers have relied on StimTracker since 2008 for detecting events and sending event markers via USB, a solution that costs $1994 or $2494. A combination of m–pod and response pad offers a lot of capability for less cost.

m–pod + response pad



Send Pulses Asynchronously

Signal / Pattern Generator


Pulse Scheduling Feature


Marks Onset of Participant Key Presses



Marks Onset of Visual Stimuli


Marks Onset Of Auditory Stimuli



Marks Onset of External TTL Input



Voice Key



Number of Simultaneous Outputs







$1295 to $1525

* Price is for both an m–pod and an RB response pad.

Customize Your Signals

Get all, or only, the signals that you need. In some experiments, you may want to mark the onset of participants’ key presses. In others, these markers get in the way and you want instead more data bits available for markers you send via USB. Or perhaps you need a mix of both.

With m–pod, you can map any input signal to any output pin. What’s more, you can combine any number of input signals to a single output pin and build your very own custom output table. No other I/O device offers this capability. Thanks to its speedy microprocessor, this translation power adds a minuscule 50µs delay.

In true Cedrus fashion, there is no need to program. We provide Xidon 2 (pronounced Zydon), a friendly app for Mac and Windows (currently in development). You simply enable checkboxes for the signals that you want.

Works With All Software

m–pod is the key link between the Lumina or RB response pads on one side, and your EEG or eye tracker on the other side. Its operation is independent of the USB connection with the computer. You can even use your response pad in the less precise keyboard mode but still get very accurate event marking on your recording device.

Easy to Install and Use

Each m–pod model comes with the right connector size, gender, and pin assignments. This makes it straightforward to connect to your EEG, eye tracker, NIR, or other recording equipment.

There are two LED lights on m–pod. The one on the right (🁢) indicates a connection to the response pad. The one on the left () lights up every time an event marker is sent.



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