Updating the Lumina Controller’s Firmware

Version History

The Lumina 3G controller is built on the XID (eXperimental Interface Device) version 2 platform. The microcontroller contains firmware (another name for software) that is occasionally updated to add new features or fix bugs.







Changes and Additions

Initial firmware when Lumina 3G controller first shipped

Adds support for output to m-pod; bug fixes

Adds support for new signal flow features

Adds ‘ig’ command (keyboard auto repeat) and ‘ip’ (pause output) commands

Fixes bug that prevented USB output when in PST SRB / E-Prime mode

Release Date

Aug 2013

 January 12, 2017

Oct 11, 2018

Nov 13, 2018

Feb 1, 2019

Downloading the Necessary Files

You need two files: the actual firmware file, and the utility software that installs it. This software runs on Windows only and is provided by the microcontroller manufacturer. Both files are part of a single ZIP file. We recommend that you save the ZIP file on the desktop to make it easier to find later on:

The file is a compressed folder in the ZIP format. Some browsers will automatically convert it to a folder, others won’t. To be sure, find your “Downloads” folder. If you see a “lumina_updater_files_2.x.x.zip” file, then right-click on it. From the menu that appears, choose Extract All….

Updating the Firmware

These instructions assume that you were previously using the controller, and therefore the USB driver is installed. If not, please install it first.


Start with the USB cable plugged in and the Lumina controller turned off.


We need to put the controller in a special updating mode. Press the two Set and the buttons on top at the same time and then turn on the controller. Only the two Mode LEDs will be lit: “Standard” and “As Keyboard”.


One of the two files you downloaded earlier is a program called “HIDBootLoader”. Double-click it to run it.



If you do not see a dialog like the one on the right, proceed to step E. If you do, click on the Download and install this feature link to proceed and follow the prompts. The manufacturer’s software utility requires the Windows .NET Framework 3.5 feature be installed.

In the software utility, click on the Open Hex File button:


The utility will open a dialog prompting you to locate the .hex file. This is the file that you downloaded earlier; select it and then click on Open.


Click on the Program/Verify button. The firmware updating will proceed.


The updating is complete when the utility software displays “Erase/Program/Verify Completed Successfully”.


Turn the controller off and back on. It should now be ready for use. Windows may issue an error message after the controller is turned off; you can safely ignore this message.


Exit the utility software.


If you do not have another controller that needs updating, delete the folder that you downloaded earlier.

Last revision: Feb 9, 2019


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