The information here describes the first generation StimTracker, which is now discontinued. Please see this blog post for information on the new and much improved StimTracker. Information on the new StimTracker will be available here soon.

• Mark Events Precisely

• Sync EEG + Eye Tracker

• Send Event Codes

Plug to Your EEG Recorder. Play.

Really. Worry no more about stripping or splicing cables. StimTracker comes with everything you need to connect to EEG/ERP recorders and eye trackers.

Compatible EEG / ERP Systems

AD Instruments

ANT Neuro

BIOPAC Systems


Brain Products

Mega Electronics




Eye Trackers




Video Acquisition System


Mark Any Event

Your EEG or eye tracker data is vastly more useful if it includes markers that tell you precisely when certain events occurred. Except for codes sent via USB, the onset of events is detected

autonomously by StimTracker, allowing it avoid delays incurred by operating systems and produce accurate markers.

Onset of Visual Stimuli

Use the included fast light sensors to avoid operating system delays and detect onset of visual stimuli with precision.

Onset of Auditory Stimuli

Pass the audio output via StimTracker, set the threshold, and let it do the rest.

Onset of Participant Response

Or any external TTL signal.

Event Codes via USB

Send event codes from your stimulus presentation computer for added information.

Onset of Vocal Response

Plug a PC-compatible microphone. Get a free voice key device.

Get Your Timings in Sync

When using a version of StimTracker that supports an eye tracker, event markers can also go out simultaneously to any of the supported EEG models. This guarantees that both sets of data are using the same timebase — an important criterion when analyzing the data.

All Digital

A Sharp Eye for Stimuli

To insure the repeatability that rigorous research requires and to prevent accidental changes, we made the controls 100% digital — and even easier to use.

We built and tested several prototypes before settling on a light sensor that offered the optimum balance of speed and light frequency response. Then we designed and built our own tiny housing that is unobtrusive and practical to use.

Software Support

StimTracker has all the electronics needed to detect the onset of events and produce markers. But software can also send event codes via USB, e.g. to describe the trial being presented or whether the participant’s response was correct.

Application Support





We provide E-Basic code example

Built-in support in version 4.0.3 or later

Built-in support in version 14.8 or later

Library Support

The commands that StimTracker accepts are public. Published Python and C++ code libraries that support our response pads are easily adapted for sending event codes to StimTracker.

Good Looking, Front and Back

Auditory Stimuli

Eye Tracker Support

Another output connector appear here on StimTracker models designed for eye tracker support

Visual Stimuli

Use up to four light sensors for precisely marking the onset of visual stimuli

Plug & Play Event Markers

Insert one of our signal adapters here and your markers are 100% ready for delivery to data acquisition system

Digital Input

Six lines or TTL input that are passed through StimTracker to the output

Voice Key

Use any PC microphone

Event Codes

Connect stimulus presentation computer via USB

Pass the audio through StimTracker. It will monitor the audio level and produce an event marker for either left or right channel


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