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The XID 2 commands, described in this section, apply to the following devices:

  • Lumina 3G controller
  • RB-x40 response pads
  • c-pod


  • m-pod
  • StimTracker 2G

XID stands for eXperiment Interface Devices. It is a set of commands that allows researchers to interact with devices used in experimental psychology and other research disciplines, providing uniformity across devices.

This technology made its debut in April 2002 with the introduction of the original Lumina LSC400 controller used with fMRI response pads, and was later deployed on all Cedrus devices.

The XID 2 platform made its debut in 2013 with the introduction of the Lumina 3G controller. It uses more powerful and up-to-date processors, rethinks the I/O portion, and adds hardware features such as Keyboard mode and light sensor support.

This support section documents XID 2 devices only, listed above. If using an older device, see archive of the XID 1 commands.

For Users

For Programmers

Pronounced “Zydon”, a utility software for exploring features and updating firmware.

Open source C++ and Python libraries.

Steps to resolve installation issues and make your Cedrus device work with PsychoPy and Python.

We recommend you use the libraries instead. But if you cannot, here is the full description.


How 2ms precision is achieved and timing validation.

Using a Terminal Program

You might need to communicate with an XID device directly using a terminal program.


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